Posted by: familycoach | May 27, 2007

Getting my head around intention

When I look around I see beauty and perfection everywhere. My focus in on the wonderful things in life – this keeps me happy and grounded and allows me to make a difference.

I have been reading Wayne Dyer’s “The Power of Intention”. Most of my life I have been “determined” at what I do. And I’ve always thought this was a good thing. I am now learing that sometimes determined actually comes from ego rather than a higher intention. There are times I have finished things because I said I would, not because it was my intention, not even becase it was good for me.

Whilst I know I am a family coach I have been searching for a more defined niche within this. I have been racking my brains to work out what this niche will be, how it will look and what I will create within it. Perhaps I don’t need to. My intention is to serve people and families and see their lives improve, teach them new ways of looking at life and the way they approach their challenges and opportunities. My intention is to be the supporter and cheerleader for those willing to look at their lives and to do so without judgement. My intention is to be a role model and lead by example…to be there for my children, my husband, my extended family and friends. A very wise friend said to me this week “there is joy to be experienced in everyday living”. This is something every mother needs to hear 🙂

If I simply follow my intention perhaps the niche will just define itself. Or perhaps it doesn’t need to. I don’t know. But if I run my business and life with more intention and less determination, it will be a much less frustrating path. If I hold my intention clearly (and this means a higher intention, not the one my ego tells me to pursue) the paths suddenly opens, challenges become easier to navigate and I live in my truth.

As I keep reading I will learn more and open my mind and heart to the wisdom contained within the pages of the book. And hopefully I can translate it into something to share with you too.

Posted by: familycoach | May 3, 2007

Strength comes from the inside

I have noticed recently how many people believe they are caught in their life…how hard it is for them to do what they want to do – whether that is simply finding time to catch up with a friend on the phone, start up a business, lose weight or otherwise.

Those well versed in the Law of Attraction will know that we create this situation. And really we can all be thankful that we do create it. This means we can change our lives and of course learn from what we have been doing already. But we have to be able to see that we do have control over our lives. We need to see that we do create our lives…and this can be easier said than done. There are many people in the world who focus purely on the Law of Attraction (LoA) and explain this principle really well (just type in Law of Attraction on google!). Of course if you have seen “The Secret” you will understage Stage 1 of the LoA – the other steps involve taking action, letting go and allowing.

We can always make up excuses and reasons why we don’t do things – even the things we say we want to do. We might even call it blaming or justifying. But once we take the responsibility back we will find a way to move forward…to do those things we really want to do.

There will be blocks along the way that need to be dealt with and cleared. But to pursue what we really want, to live life in the way that we want to – it takes courage, determination and persistance. There will be times when things look and feel hard. This is exactly when we need to look to our inner strength. This is the time when who we really are shines through.

I offer this – if you are not in alignment with your life right now, look to see where you can take your power back. See how you create your life. Be compassionate with yourself – this is not a time for feeling guilty. It is a time to find your inner strength to pursue your life.

Posted by: familycoach | April 25, 2007

Ding, Ding, Ding

Well the launch is over and done with and the promotion now begins for the Our Country, Our Spirit ebook. WOOHOO!!! If you love a great read (or love supporting charity) then you’ll want to buy it – just go to

 Meanwhile, I have been waiting for some inspiration to strike. Today, a fairly ordinary day (although it is ANZAC Day here in Australia which is important here) and it hits me. After all the study I’ve been through, all the ideas that have come to me, this is the one that I should be following.

I am not going to share it yet…there is work to be done first. It just struck me that often we become agitated because we cannot come up with the perfect idea when we think we should. Well had I come up with this ealier a whole lot of other stuff wouldn’t have fallen into place…and of course everything I have learned in between can now be used for my new idea.

So, if you find yourself feeling a little bedazzled and not quite sure where to go next in life…TRUST the process that is occurring. And one day you will experience the DING, DING, DING day…and let me tell you, it feels great!!!

Posted by: familycoach | April 14, 2007

The Launch of Our Country, Our Spirit

After 18 months of compiling, editing, designing and formatting the Our Country, Our Spirit ebook is here! This ebook is a compilation of wonderful stories about life in Australia (like a Chicken Soup for the Aussie Soul).

I am using a portion of the sales of this ebook to raise money for Save the Children. In fact AU$5.00 from the AU$15.40 will be donated! My aim is to raise AU$100,000.

Join me for the official telelaunch on Monday 23rd April 8pm Aus EST (6am NY, 11am UK). You’ll get a chance to meet a couple of special guests – Bronwyn Thompson (the Aussie Long Jump queen) and Andy Scobie from Save the Children.

Dial in Number: +1 (563) 843 5600

Pin Number: 789452#

Everyone is welcome to join the celebration…and of course if you want to purchase this ebook go to

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Now vs Then

For anyone familiar with Eckhart Tolle’s “The Power of Now”, this is something I try to live my life by. My take on it is that life is about being in every moment and experiencing it. But this week my life felt like it crashed!

Everything felt hard and the fun had gone out of everything! It started when we discussed Accountability in class and my realisation that although I manage my commitments to other people I do not do this for myself. So I spent the week in rather a confused state.

On Friday one of our trainers, Angela, generously and kindly offered to speak with me about all of this. I have spent the weekend considering what we discussed…which was many things – some of which may come out later. But right now my focus is on the being in the Now idea. Although I normally live my life by this I have had a VERY important realisation about it.

When we live in the now we must also have a longer term vision on mind of what we are working for. One of my problems has been being caught up in the details of my projects, which has completely impeded my long term view of them. So then I forget what I am really working towards. But what does it mean for me? It means I need to give myself some space and time to reconnect with that vision and hold that vision whilst I am playing in the NOW.

I still believe we need to have fun and fully be involved in whatever we are doing, but I need the space to visualise and hold that long term future view as well. Because that will keep me motivated, help me get where I want to go whilst allowing me to have my fun.

Posted by: familycoach | March 25, 2007

Preview call for MumSpace

For those of you who haven’t clicked through to MumSpace…I am holding a preview call for the MumSpace program on Monday 2nd April 8pm (Aus EST), 6am (NY), 11am (UK) for anyone interested in participating but hasn’t quite made their mind up yet.

You don’t need to register – simply turn up. The dial in number is +1 (563) 843 5600 and the pin number is 789452. For more info you can visit the blog at

Posted by: familycoach | March 25, 2007

Being accountable to me

I had a BIG realisation this week about my life, commitment and accountability. The other day we were discussing accountability – it was mentioned that many friends have an unspoken agreement that if they don’t do as they say they will do…well that’s just OK and a part of life. So what would life be like if we had friends who did keep us accountable?

As I sat thinking I realised I am very good at keeping my commitments to others, but I fall down in keeping commitments to myself. I enjoy doing things for other people – it makes me feel good. Equally I become frustrated when I don’t keep the commitments to myself. Why do I do that? Because I don’t hold myself accountable for my own things. I let them slide another week and before you know it, the project I wanted finished has stretched out again.

What am I going to do to change this – well the first step is (as I always say) be aware. Angela offered the idea of creating a space before I answer yes or no to any request (from a friend or myself). This week I am going to create some structure so I can be committed and accountable to myself. I’m not sure how that structure will look for me yet, but given some space I will discover it. This will help me prioritise my projects whilst still being able to help others – I guess it comes back to that balance word!

Posted by: familycoach | March 18, 2007

Money, Money, Money

Yep we have to have it. And it seems the more you have, the easier it is to make more. Last week I was coached around my relationship to money. I believe in abundance and know there is enough for everyone in the world…especially when those with money share it generously.

So why is it that when I spend it I feel guilty? Why do I hesitate when someone says “it will cost you this much”? It is partly to do with trust and partly to do with the level at which I believe something. Believing something at a mental level is not the same as believing it on a emotional and energetic level….and I think this is where I need work. So I will put my EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) to work at changing this.

I have my beliefs around money and they simply need to shift a little for everything to fall into place around my business and my ebook. Carol Tuttle writes it very well when she says “Money is a resource with neutral energy that we project our beliefs onto. Money takes on that energy and that is the experience we get with it.”

Money is just money…and when we have it we can do a lot of good with it! So I choose to believe “I am worthy and I am ready. I choose wealth now”.

Posted by: familycoach | March 9, 2007

Letting go of me

Yesterday I had a terrible day. Even when I was in it I knew I was creating it – but I just felt stuck. All of a sudden life seemed to have piled up on me again and everything was feeling hard.  Last week I thought I was going to go back to playing hockey again. I didn’t go to training this week because I felt sick and am slightly injured. I questioned whether I really had the commitment to drive so far to train and then to play every week. I love playing when I am there, but to train and play (and get there) takes me about 8 hours a week.

I realised I don’t want to spend that much time on it. This took me into a whole different level of thinking about myself. I used to be the one who would travel for my sport. I was always committed to training. What happened to that girl? Where did she go when I wasn’t looking?

That was me before I had children, before I was running my own business, before I had Sunday afternoon barbeques with my friends! Now I have many other wonderful things I do…and I can still play a sport, just perhaps not hockey (well not while I am living where I live anyway 🙂 ).

But I still feel a sense of loss – almost grieving. As I get older and grow my priorities are changing and I am happy about that. But it also means that I have to let go of that other image of myself because I can’t do it all and keep my life together. I have to let go of it so I can develop a new and improved image…so I can replace the fun-loving, competitive, train at all costs girl with a wiser, slightly older, fun-loving, competitive, train if it fits in my life girl.

Posted by: familycoach | March 3, 2007


My last post was about the truth…this post is about our withholding (which relates to our communication of the truth). This week I have thought a lot about withholding – where do I withhold and how does it affect me?

I mentioned in my last post that it makes me feel sad that I am not sharing a part of my heart. This has become more prevalent this week as I make the effort to share and stop the withholding. And I can feel a change both in me and in my perception of our relationship (my husband and I).

I was able to share with him how I feel guilty so much (another topic entirely!) of the time and he just listened. He didn’t criticise, react or tell me what to do. And it felt great, I felt closer to him.

I saw the power of withholding this week in my coaching class. We were dealing with a small issue which I thought was mostly about spending too much time on a particular event. She asked me where I was withholding from her. This caused me to stop and think a little deeper which is what took me to a level where I realised I carry a lot of guilt. So now this week I have the opportunity to do something about that guilt – deal with it and get rid of it! We could have worked on a time management plan around this issue, but it would not have brought the breakthrough it did.

Withholding is something we do – we do it to our partners, our friends and ourselves. It can be very powerful to discover where you withhold yourself – to be fully self expressed we must share ourself! Why would you bother…because we create more self awareness, we learn what we can let go of and you feel one step closer to living in integrity with your SELF!

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