Posted by: familycoach | December 30, 2007

What will 2008 bring?

To everyone who has followed my blog thankyou for your support in 2007. Someone told me a while ago that 2007 was the year of clearing out – this is true in so many different ways for so many people I know. It certainly has been true for me and 2008 is bringing some massive changes in my life!

 This year has been one of the most challenging but also one full of new opportunities. I have had to dig deep and look well within myself and in doing so I have discovered what I truly want out of life. There is still plenty more to get to but my heart knows it’s on the right road.

 2008 promises to be a BIG year. I have a new set of goals to aim for and am excited by the prospect of what the year will bring. So no matter where you are right now, no matter how difficult or easy 2007 was for you set yourself some new goals for 2008…not resolutions but something you can make a sustained committment to.

 A fresh year brings with it fresh hope, new ideas and new beginnings. I wish you all a sensational 2008! And of course, if you need a Life Coach to help you through you can always contact me through 🙂



  1. There were too few responses for the messages and positive energy you give out, so I thought I’d send one to you.

    As I’ve learnt, 2008 was a very difficult year for you too for a range of reasons. And 2009 will have some hard situations and decisions to get through also, but this will end up a great year for you. Call it a hunch, but I feel the the sun will be shining brightly on you from here on in. You have too much inner strength and beauty for the clouds to keep hovering this year.

    There may even be someone out there who can help shift those clouds too. It’s kind of funny how things happen. Not sure whether he can help you duck and weave to avoid those cricket ball bruises though. But still, it might be fun trying.

    Keep smiling – as I know you will.
    Look forward to catching up again.

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