Posted by: familycoach | December 17, 2007

The agony and ecstasy

There are times in life when your heart feels like it’s going to break. In fact some days the heartache is just too much to bear. Yet it is also when you look back at these times when you realise your inner strength. It is at these times when our true self shines through. It is at these times we need to conduct ourselves with grace, dignity and treat ourselves with care.

In those times of heartache it is so easy to get lost in the physical reality of hurt and pain and the emotional sensations that we feel. And as we go through it we might even wonder if this is the biggest test we’ll be put through.

 It is at these times when we need to focus on the bigger picture. We need to clarify the vision we have of what will happen once we get through all of this. Because when we feel the agony we live in minutes, we are fully present. We are meant to feel the full impact and range of emotions – that what is it to be human. But occassionally set aside a few minutes to dream and visualise life when you make it through the other side.

When you feel it is almost impossible let your friends in to give you love and support. And when you do get through fully experience the ecstasy! Celebrate your life and your ability to survive the emotional range. If you are going to feel the agony let yourself balance by feeling the ecstasy also.


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