Posted by: familycoach | July 3, 2007

Not so random acts of kindness

Two weeks ago some new friends of mine performed a beautiful act of kindness to someone we knew. Now the person receiving this has by many standards had a hard life. She now dedicates her time, energy and money to looking after her three children to the point of not having any money for herself. Perhaps not so unusual but if you met her you would understand how extraordinary she is given the life she has led.

Anyway, this girl turned 30 the other day. The day passed like most others without too much thought for herself. Well, the two friends decided to spoil her in the best way they could. They took her shopping, bought her some new clothes, took her out for lunch and generally ensured she had a wonderful day.

I saw her at the end of this day that had been about her and the word I used to describe her was “sparkling”. She was excited, happy, bubbling, laughing – it was the best gift they could have given her. And this lasted for days (and may go on for months!) afterwards. Every time she puts on her new clothes she has the memory of that day.

Whilst I love the idea of Randon Acts of Kindness (the idea of showing doing something kind for someone you don’t know), it is equally important to practice deliberate acts of kindess to those you know. If we all did this every now and again the world would be an even more beautiful place than it is today 🙂

And for those of you wondering…my blog will be starting up again more regularly shortly. I have spent the last month working on my new and improved website…more on that later!



  1. Being able to perform random acts is such a noble and warm thing to do. I believe many cannot because of their selfish thoughts of ‘who’s doing for me”…. to get past that thinking, I suggest one learn more about empathy. Once you are able to empathise and place yourself in anothers shoes, it is easier to offer a bit of yourself. After a while, one will find that it is no longer empathy or a chore to provide or engage in such acts, as much as it is just the right thing to do!

  2. Hi Nakumbe

    Yes there are those in the world who are too selfish to see beyond their own life. Empathising will help because you get a small taste of life must look and feel for other people by doing this. And moreso it may inspire you to help someone.

    Equally I don’t think we need to understand someones life to enable us to practise acts of kindness. We don’t need to evaluate whether anyone is deserving or not, or even whether they really ‘need’ it or not. When we bring random and non-random acts of kindness into our world it becomes a way of life. We experience the pure pleasure of helping or making someone happy.

    We automatically focus on things other than ourselves and help to make the world a better place.

  3. Just reading your story about ‘random acts of kindness’ I would like to share an experience my husband had a few days ago.
    He had to go & get a new mobile for one of our employees. He has been using the same mobile phone supplier for years and they know him. He was telling the manager about his recent physical problems, which has been going on for some time & getting him down. Spontaniously the guy put his hand on his shoulder & said a prayer for a speedy recovery & good health – out loud! It was a very moving & generous ‘random act of kindness’.

  4. Hi Elise

    Thankyou for sharing your beautiful story. You bring up a wonderful point. A random act of kindness can be anything that brightens up someone elses day. The prayer this man said was a moving and generous act, perhaps not even for the words he spoke but rather the intention that he conveyed with this act.

    Have you ever been having a bad day and someone gives you a smile. In that smile you can find a sense of joy again and a sense that you are not alone. Random acts of kindness do not need to be big or expensive. In fact just a simple smile or prayer for someone can completely change someones day 🙂

  5. I do believe that this prayer act was all about the words. Not just as a generous act towards the recipient, but also a bright and testimony of his believes and the application of it.

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